Derrick and Karin Goette

Derrick & Karin Goette have been missionaries since 1982, spending two years on deputation before leaving for the Philippines, where they serviced the LORD in Cebu City, for 8 1/2 years.

While there, they started Faith Baptist Church & Christian Academy, where they had 75 students from kindergarten through 12th. grade.
From this church they have seen seven men called into the ministry & serving the LORD today.

Due to Karin being sick in the Philippines for 6 1/2 years the Goette’s came back to the States to take care of her health. During this time the LORD redirected them to Metro Vancouver, Canada, where they have been serving since 1994.
They are now involved in their third ministry, where they started Harvest Baptist Church.

This ministry is unique in that it is about 90% Filipino & in the last eight years they have seen 10 people finish Bible school & are serving the LORD, with another 15 young folks that are currently in Bible school preparing for the ministry.
The Goette’s would like to take this time to thank you for your faithfulness in allowing them to partner with you in carrying out the Great Commission, supporting them with your prayers and financial help.